Interstate Investment

Interstate Investment Properties, Inc. is a privately held group of companies providing the highest quality commercial real estate services to European and American clients. Interstate Investment Properties specializes in the strategic planning and implementation of the acquisition, asset management and dispositions of retail, office, and industrial properties located in the United States and Canada. Interstate Investment Properties has represented and joint ventured with European investors in the acquisition of numerous commercial properties located throughout the United States and Canada.

The investment objective of Interstate Investment Properties is to acquire and manage income-producing real estate providing security and preservation of capital, cash flow growth and capital appreciation. The goal of the acquisition is to provide a stable, long-term rate of return on invested capital with minimum risk that compares favorably with alternative forms of investment. After acquisition, creation of additional value is pursued through capital improvements, aggressive marketing and professional property and asset management. Interstate Investment Properties has a reputation of providing accurate, conservative and fundamentally sound advisory services and investment advice to our clients.

Investment Philosophy

When recommending properties for acquisition by its investors, Interstate Investment Properties places a strong emphasis on purchasing the highest quality real estate that will meet the investment goals of its investors. In its search for suitable properties, emphasis is placed on quality properties in prime locations with a strong tenancy. Properties targeted for acquisition should reflect the following criteria:

Prime Location

Properties should be located in the best areas within the marketplace that are experiencing strong economic fundamentals and population & business growth. These locations should demonstrate current and future demand by tenants providing long-term assurance of stability and property value appreciation.

Quality Construction

Properties generally targeted for acquisition have been recently built and are constructed of the highest quality of materials, workmanship, design and provide the latest in technology and communication advancements.

Credit Tenancy

Single-tenant and/or multi-tenant office properties should be leased to credit worthy tenants with investment grade credit (S&P “BBB” or better), and multi-tenant retail properties should be anchored by an investment grade credit tenant with a successful presence in the market and profitable sales history.